Load Cells

Designed and manufactured by Precia Molen, our range of analog or digital load cells deliver weighing accuracy and long term reliability.  They are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial weighing markets from food manufacturing to landfill sites.

Our load cells are hermetically sealed to IP68, and approved in accordance with OIML R60.

Forming an integral part of the weighing system, and dependent upon type and application, our load cells can perform a weighing range of 10kg to 100 tonnes per load cell.

Load cells are available in the following categories;

  • Double Ended Shear Beam load cells (for use in Silos, Hoppers and vessels of medium to high capacity)
  • Tension load cells (e.g. in suspended hoppers for Non Trade use)
  • Bending Beam load cells (Class C3 accuracy)
  • Compression load cells (for use in weighbridges, with cables protected against vermin)
  • Shear Beam (installed within mechanical mounts, and with high precision indicators)

For detailed specifications on Precia Molen load cells download a pdf brochure.

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