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More than 40 years experience in quarries and mines.

Most quarries use static or dynamic weighing systems to manage the quality of the products they produce and to measure the quantity of material or finished products they deliver to their customers.

PRECIA MOLEN, as a long established manufacturer of weighbridges, has utilised its wealth of knowledge of the aggregates industry to constantly develop and expand its range of weighing products to include integrating belt scales, on-board weighing systems, volumetric hatches, weighing conveyors and associated management and control software programs.

Weigh in/out truck scales

Weighbridge ROC  Weighbridges, Driver terminals



  Input/outpout management software

Computerized flow management (software)

  Weighbridges and input/output management software: Truckflow


Blending line software: Datablend


PERFORMANCE  Quarries performance analysis software

Production and storage in quarries

FX - Twin belt scales  Single station belt scale



belt weigher TAB  Multistation belt scale



laboratory scales  Qualitative analysis: laboratory scales



MDG discharge gate  Blending line: discharge gate and associated controllers and software


Loading and expedition


MDG discharge gate  Blending line: Dosing gate



Volumetric weight-based belt extractor VBE / WBE  Belt volume extractor



belt scales  Belt weighing



  Single station belt scale



belt weigher TAB  Multistation belt scales



conveyors continuous weighing  Conveyors belt

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