Safety – Health – Environment


PRECIA MOLEN pays particular attention to the health and safety of its employees. Measures for prevention and protection are set up to offer working conditions adapted to all employees.

Risk prevention and working conditions are taken into account and integrated from the project design phase, whether it be a new product or a new workstation. Steps are being taken to make changes to workstations according to the needs of employees and of the company, in accordance with regulations.


The company is also committed to the protection of the environment, including reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources, reducing waste and improving waste recycling.



Environmental Policy Statement


Health Safety Policy Statement


Precia Molen Quality


PRECIA MOLEN is committed to a quality approach that encompasses its products, its work organization, its goal to meet customer demand, to understand the expectations of its interested parties and to ensure the sustainability of its activity.

This central approach for the company applies to all employees, in every phase of the company’s activity:

  • Design of products and services
  • Product fabrication and special software programming
  • Sale of equipment and software
  • Equipment repair

Consequently, each employee – with his or her duties and actions – partakes in this approach.


To implement this organization, PRECIA MOLEN applies ISO 9001 Standard.


Download the ISO 9001 Certificate


Quality Policy Statement



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