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The i25 Touch evolves!

17 January 2019
MDG PRECIA MOLEN new generation discharge gate

Mines and Quarries: The new generation discharge gate

9 November 2018
PRECIA MOLEN group meeting Chennai 2018

PRECIA MOLEN Group in Chennai

10 September 2018
R1TP Precia molen new platform scale

New R1TP platform scale: weigh everything everywhere.

14 September 2017

1030 employees !

18 July 2017
Truckflow Precia Molen

Truckflow: weighing performance and user-friendliness with a weighbridge.

4 July 2017
precia molen group meeting 2017 @ privas

The whole PRECIA MOLEN Group in Privas.

8 June 2017
i5 precia Molen indicator

i5 Weighing Electronics: Adopt it for these 5 reasons!

23 May 2017
New Precia Molen postal scale

The new postal scale: Ci10/50 P 3-30kg

18 May 2017
weighing solutions tailored to your needs

Weighing solutions tailored to your needs

5 May 2017
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