At Precia we understand that the smooth day to day running of your business is paramount. That’s why we offer an affordable aftercare plan that delivers excellent customer service on time, every time.

Our highly qualified engineers are certified to work in a broad range of environments. These include laboratories, food processing, and chemical plants, construction sites and quarries.

We’d be delighted to discuss Service Plan options with you. Please call 0333 300 1852 or complete the Contact Us form to talk to a member of our team.

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The i25 Touch evolves!

Applications, ergonomics, storage: the i25 Touch weighing indicator evolves to offer you even more possibilities and better ease of use.     On the application side, checkweighing in formulation mode […]

MDG PRECIA MOLEN new generation discharge gate

Mines and Quarries: The new generation discharge gate

As mineral industry professionals, you are constantly looking to improve your productivity. Your equipment is of foremost importance in this goal. Our new MDG discharge gate is designed to make […]

PRECIA MOLEN group meeting Chennai 2018

PRECIA MOLEN Group in Chennai

This week, all of the PRECIA MOLEN subsidiaries were meeting in India at PM India’s headquarters in Chennai. It was the opportunity to discuss together the group’s main lines through […]

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