Precia molen Traffic Management Driver Terminal - BI410

Driver Terminal – BI410

The high performance BI410 unmanned driver terminal is suitable for all weighbridges and sites. It controls vehicle access as a stand-alone driver console or can be integrated with ANPR cameras, IR beams and traffic management systems.

The BI410 adds an additional level of security to your quarry, waste management or construction site.

Reliable, safe, and straightforward to use the BI410 driver terminal;

  • has an automated ticketing system
  • collects data from the driver via a card reader (RFID cards short or long range via a hand held card or a vehicle RFID card)
  • prompts drivers at each stage of the weighing process
  • has an illuminated screen to enhance visibility
  • is multi-lingual, press the national flag for the language required (optional)
  • uses bar code scanners (alternative to RFID card system)
  • speeds up operations with its flexible operating system
  • is ideal for 24 hour operations
  • is available for both analogue and digital Shering weighbridges
  • has data exchange modes for USB or Ethernet TCP IP ports
  • is resistant to environmental disturbances
  • stand alone or data collection via TruckFlow software

Accuracate and efficient it speeds up site operations by enabling drivers to approach any vacant lane rather than queueing for designated access.

Find out more about the BI410 driver terminal by downloading a pdf brochure.

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