TALON – Automatic Number Plate Recognition software (ANPR)

TALON, a powerful, highly respected brand of ANPR software, provides one of the highest accuracy number plate recognition software engines in the world. With in-built Neural Network technology TALON delivers accurate results in extreme weather conditions to clearly identify poorly defined, distorted or dirty characters on licence plates.

Key features include;

  • 24hr / 365 day performance
  • Accurately reads different sized plates, near or far
  • NAAS compliant
  • Neural Network technology
  • High recognition accuracy and speed
  • High performance ‘in picture’ trigger
  • Day and night number plate recognition capability
  • Automatically reads both normal and inverse, or rectangular and square plates
  • Operates on various PC platforms
  • Capture both the Number plate image and a colour overview image

TALON software can be installed on any Windows PC which has a frame grabber to capture images and video. Supporting multiple camera systems it allows simultaneous multi-lane capture and optimum recognition performance for stationary, low, or high speed traffic within milliseconds.

For detailed specifications please download a pdf brochure. To speak to a member of our UK based team call 0333 300 1852 or complete the Contact Us form.

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