i30 DWI indicator /weight transmitter

The i30 DWI indicator is an impressive piece of technology with a user friendly design. Compatible with your company’s PC and industrial systems its state of the art technology and functionality make it suitable for use on even the largest of weighbridges.

The i30 weight transmitter has the ability to;

  • read up to 18 analog or digital load cells
  • manage two traffic lights
  • store up to 300,000 records on its internal data storage device
  • provide minimum threshold weighing
  • configure to Zero Tracking

Its user friendly design features include;

  • an innovative FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Colour) technology
  • high viewing angle
  • adjustable contrast
  • configurable background colour with a choice of 7 colours
  • weight on 7 x 25mm high characters
  • indications; Unit, stability, range
  • real time clock with hours, minutes and seconds
  • weighbridge description; 10 x 8mm characters
  • touch control keyboard

Download a pdf brochure for the metrology, weighing, power supply, communication, and temperature range of the i30 DWI indicator.

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