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I410 WMU -Weight Management Unit

The I410 weighbridge management software is designed for weighing road vehicles and railway freight carriages.

Its cutting edge technology can manage up to 3 weighbridges (2 physical weighbridges and 1 Summation Bridge) with different divisions, which combine accuracy and maximum capacity.

The I410 has 4 simultaneous operating modes;

  • Single weigh with tare entry (1 weight) or memorised tare recall
  • Weighing management in dual-weigh (2 weighings)
  • Incoming or Outgoing transactions in gross or net weight
  • Cumulated wagon weighing management

Compatible with Legal for Trade use weighing, the I410 software has up to 400 references per file. Tailored to your weighing station it can be customised for;

  • Ticketing requirements
  • Traffic light management
  • Vehicles
  • Companies
  • File configuration

Installed as either a desktop, panel mounted or stainless steel unit the I410 can connect seamlessly with your company’s networks.

Future proof your site management with the i410’s internal data back-up for weighing results. Plus the display of vehicle traffic, cross totaling function and back up of file settings.

Download a pdf brochure or complete the Contact Us form to speak to our in-house experts. Tel; 0333 300 1852

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