Precia molen Process Weighing In-Line Dynamic Check Weigher

In-Line Dynamic Check Weigher

Determining the weight of pre-packed product as it leaves the production line is an important aspect of compliance and quality assurance.

Our CKW Check Weighers can handle a wide range of products from 100s of grams to outer cases or sacks as heavy as 60 kg.

The design allows for easy integration into an existing production line. Cleaning and maintenance are both straightforward.

Functionality includes;

  • Dynamic or static weight measurement
  • Tolerance check
  • Missing product check
  • Order compliance check
  • Transport fee estimation
  • Legal for trade or non trade use
  • Field bus or serial mode communication
  • Eased integration into the handling line
  • Available in standard version or stainless steel version

Feedback to fillers and comprehensive data collection are all incorporated.

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