Precia molen Process Weighing Platform Scales - R4 range

Platform Scales – R4 range

The R4 range offers painted steel and stainless-steel versions with capacities up to 3,000 kg.  As well as general purpose scales there are models for ATEX, hygienic and wash-down areas.  The R4 LPW incorporates a novel lifting mechanism to allow a single person to safely raise the scale for cleaning.

The R4 LPW low profile load receptor is a low profile platform scale specifically designed to weigh any type of travelling load.

The R4 LPW range offers a wide array of models. Its design corresponding to the EHEDG norm is based on an entirely stainless steel (ASI 304) structure, with load cells of a 0.8 μm roughness it meets all hygiene and cleanliness requirements. Please download a pdf brochure for detailed specifications.

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Capacities: 300kg, 600kg and 1500kg.

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