SQC Application


As an industry producing or importing prepackaged products, you want to manage quality and perform reliable and efficient internal statistical controls.

Precia Molen assists you in the quality monitoring of your production with the SQC application. Set up in-process quality control procedures! Setting up average and standard deviation charts allows you to monitor current production processes.

As soon as you prepare your production, determine the sampling plan. The SQC app helps you calculate the centering value and overdose coefficients to get the targeted amount. During the process, you can control the quantities through the sampling done and make adjustments to the production without stopping it. At any time, the average and standard deviation control charts allow for quick detection of production drifts, and alerts messages inform you in real time of problems that may be encountered. During production or when the batch is finished, the SQC application gives you access to complete statistics. You can then add the batches to get aggregated statistics for a global view of quality on your production.

Our SQC solution for prepackaged quality control fits your work environment: install it on a tablet, on PC / Desktop.

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